New Video: Working Miniature Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots

"I could have been a contender!" The Curator keeps telling us here at the Museum - so to shut him up, we gave him this 2001 Miniature Rock 'e, Sock 'em Robots by Fun-4-All Corp. to demonstrate. He does quite well, but then he's only playing against himself!

We may need Colin the Robot to show us how this shizzle should go down - but who will he fight - the red, or the blue Robot?

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Extra Content:

Here's some behind-the-scenes shots showing how the closeups of the Robots punching Colin were done. The Robots in the miniature version were just too small to use, so with some pre-planning, I managed to find some cool finger versions of the robots via ebay. These were perfect as they allowed me to used them like puppets and spend a happy half hour repeatedly punching Colin in his smug android face.

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