New Video: Micro Tanks Working Miniature Aquarium

Is this strictly a Working Miniature or not? You tell us! Leave your comments as to whether you think it is or isn't - The Curator seems to think it is - and its definitely cute! This little working Aquarium has two fish, a light, a sandy floor with shells - everything you need to relax!

In fact, thats exactly what Colin wants to do - so let's hope this feud with The Curator doesn't spoil it...

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Extra Content

Below shows the construction of the face mask and flippers I made for Colin - I knew he'd be inside the tank at some point, so I took the time to make some custom props. I used craft foam board sheets as they are light, have good thickness and are easy to cut. Photos show some initial cutting and gluing (With tape to hold them in place) and then Colin in all his Aqua-glory.

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  1. Ha-hahahaha, love the homemade goggles and flippers =0D Adorable