Behind the Scenes: Making Colin Fly

I thought I'd do a post to show how a special effects shot is created for the videos. It really depends on what's required as to whether I need full-on effects or not, but for the recent video for Gashapon Mini Action Maze Game, I needed quite a complex sequence.

The effect required for Colin the Robot to :

  • Approach a sign (defocused, and then focused) with "Free Flying Lessons" written on it
  • Walk onto a green 'track' (an enlargement of the miniature Gashapon game)
  • Be seen walking on the actual game itself (As if Colin was now somehow tiny)
  • A closeup of Colin with the real game seen behind him
  • The hand of The Curator coming in, flicking the action lever on the game
  • Seeing Colin being flipped up into the air and out of frame
Quite a lot!

So here's some screenshots and notes on how it was done:

Museum OFFICIALLY Dedicated via an Amazing Youtube Video by Nick Larson!

Just days after The Museum was Officially Sub-Sponsored by Jason, we've now been OFFICIALLY dedicated in an AMAZING video by fan of the show, Nick Larson!

In it he showcases some excellent working miniatures of his own, including his collection of Takara miniature gun replicas, which he demonstrates and explains perfectly.

Check out his awesome video:

He also pays a glowing compliment to the Museum's work, which once Colin heard about it, he did this:

Many thanks to you Nick - hope you keep making Youtube videos!

Museum of Working Miniatures Get OFFICIALLY Approved and Sub-Sponsored by Jason

I'm delighted to announce that The Museum has been OFFICIALLY endorsed and sub-sponsored by an excellent young fellow called Jason - after seen the show, he decided to make his own Working Miniature showcase video to help promote the channel.

Jason, you are the first OFFICIALLY awesome fan  - should I ever find a way to shrink you down to 1:32 scale, you will have a job helping curate the exhibits here at the museum.

Check out his amazing video below:

PS: When Colin saw for himself what Jason had done, he was so impressed, he made this face:

Colin Invaders

Here's a behind the scenes photo showing the creation of the digital LCD Colin for the end of the Mini Space Invaders Cocktail Cabinet arcade machines video.

The little icon version of Colin was created by me in the style of an LCD game sprite, and then animated in Photoshop with a an added blue background. Using the Blue-screen filter in iMovie, the background to the video was then removed, and overlaid onto a closeup shot of the miniature game screen.

Shooting Colin

Here's some behind the scenes photos from the recent video for the Pocket Shot Shooting Gallery by Basic Fun.

Shown is the product as it arrived in the mail - boxed and unopened for 16 years!  I took some photos just to preserve how it looked - I know that I've probably made hardier collectors very angry, but for me these working miniatures are here to be shown working - not just a sealed package.

Also there's a shot of me making the fake game board 'alley' that was used in an effects shot for Colin to walk on as if he's miniaturised and inside the game (and yes, Im using a bread box lid as a ruler - this is a high-end production I'm running here).  All the other shots were done with blue screen.

NEW VIDEO: Miniature Fake-Lego Fake-Optimus Prime Build

Miniature 'Lego'?? Really?? COOL!!! Yep, The Curator managed to find, not one buy TWO different current manufacturers of miniature 'Lego' - not official Lego of course, but a clear copy... in perfect working miniature!

So sit back and watch the unboxing and build of a teeny-tiny 'Lego' set of a Definitely-Not-Optimus-Prime - and then let's see what Colin makes of another Robot on his turf!

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Making tiny robot hats

Today was a weird day. spend the morning making a tiny chef's hat and apron for a robot, and then the afternoon trying to cook bacon on a miniature barbecue (only 2 inches wide)

You can watch the video to see how I faired with the latter, but as for the tiny chef hat and apron, I thought I 'd share a few photos from the day. I also had to make some little placard signs for Colin's segment of the video. Oh and some matchstick kindling bundles which totally failed to light.