New Video: Mystery STAR WARS Miniature Action Figures

Hmmn... A mystery in our midst here at The Museum!  What ARE these cool working miniature STAR WARS action figures found by The Curator in 2004? Clearly from Japan and made by Tomy, they were never released in Europe or America as far as we can tell... So what's their story?

Join The Curator as he tells us all about them and maybe even solves the mystery in the process.

And stay tuned for Colin facing off against a very DARK opponent, in a one-to-one face off!

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Bonus Content:

As part of my research that finally solved the mystery of what my 1999-2000 miniature figures were, I found this image of the full set of phase 1 and phase 2 (ignore the other thing top right). These were all that were produced as far as I know:

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