New Video: Micro Remote-controlled Car Pen

SCRRREEEEECCCHHH!! VRROOM VROOM!  Yep, The Curator had WAY too much fun 'testing' this exhibit - in the end we had to wrestle it away from him to get it back into its cabinet! This amazing tiny working remote-controlled car is one of the smallest that's been commercially available (as far as we know). Controlled via infra red from its base station (mounted on the end of a PEN) this cute little feller burns up the Museum's demonstration table in style!

At the end The Curator decides to do one last test... anyone seen Colin the robot?

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Whilst researching this exhibit, we found that the company that manufactured it (Brite International) has since closed, but it looks like they created follow-on versions from the one shown (maybe the one in the video is the first generation?).

Here are a few of the ones we found - they may not all be from Brite International, but they are all clearly the same car:

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