New Video: 1996 Basic Fun Magna Doodle Keychain!

"We ALL love Magna Doodle!!" Who hasn't had a play with this classic retro drawing toy? Well, looking at how The Curator tries to draw with it, clearly HE hasn't! Sit back and enjoy this amazing working miniature, fully functional like its bigger brother in every way - just REALLY tiny!

Once again Colin the robot is lurking around the Museum - and he's been eyeing up the Magna Doodle. Clearly he has devious ideas...

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Extra Content:

Here's the actual Barbie Doll I had to buy in order to get the Magna Doodle.(as you can't find them on their own any more).

I didn't play with it or anything. Well, not much anyway.

Also is Colin's disturbing Magna Doodle handiwork.

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