Museum Setup: Update 3

Good weekend here at the Museum - completed the first video which is now live on Youtube, which I'd actually shot and recorded at the same time as doing the intro video the week before.

I needed to shoot a couple of extra clips, and record new opening audio, as it was originally going to be added in at the end of the intro video - but that took so long to do that I wasted to split them up.

Extensions before construction seen next to the current over-crowded Museum

Then, I finally got hold of the Museum extensions, so we now have THREE wings! This means Im going to be able to showcase the whole collection at once, and not overcrowd things. I'll also be able to divide things up into categories - House & Home, Arcade, Toys & Novelties and so on.

Building of the cabinets went well, and they look awesome as a set of three.... hope thats enough space!

...And the 'After' shot! So much space! Exhibits not properly laid out here - I'm just planning
where to put the different categories

Then, I worked on the third video shoot, which went well. Well, I say 'well'... it required trying to get a particular game to work on camera. Nearly two hours of trying, and I still couldn't get it to behave. So I compromised with a shot featuring a little 'assistance'. After editing it all together, it seemed quote funny, so I think that will do. If I maybe carried on for another hundred attempts I might have lucked out, but bugger that.

I also had to do a couple of weird shots, one of a dancing Statue of Liberty, and the other a shot of me slapping Colin the Robot.

Such a weird thing to film. Her face says it all.

Third Video will be online soon.

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