Museum Setup: Update 1

Here we go then. This may not get off the ground. Who knows? But if it does, these setup posts may be of interest to someone (other than me) - so what the hell. Let's do this shizzle.

Welcome to the first post of the newly founded Museum of Working Miniatures - an idea I've had for a long time now, but have only just got around to sorting it out.

The Museum will showcase my collection of working miniature exhibits - by that, I mean tiny miniature things that look and function in exactly the same way as their larger original versions. I've set up 5 Rules to clarify this, but let's look at those another time.

This blog will firstly document the setup and publication of the Museum, as well as being a place for additional photos, articles, video links and generally anything else I can think of.

The Museum is currently being created as we speak - there are some first blush photos below. Its looking like I drastically underestimated the amount of space needed, and need to expand the Museum floorspace by a factor of about 300%. So its going well.

You missed an exciting event in the early build of the first wing of the Museum, when just after construction there was a catastrophic failure of a main support, causing pretty much all of the exhibits and their tiny, tiny pieces to come crashing down and scattering. But luckily, there were no breakages, and all of the pieces were found and reconstituted over a very long, boring day.

The structural failure it turns out was due to the builder, who didn't read the Ikea instructions closely enough and built it wrong.


The next two wings will be purchased and added soon, and then the glass graphics can be applied. I need to find a way of adding more mezzanine floorspace, but I have some ideas on that.

Once all that is done, the next step is video production, to document the exhibits. I've already bought some equipment for that, so I'll perhaps go over that in the next post.

I'll keep going until the authorities stop me.


- The Curator

PS. If you're still reading this, I judge you for it.

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